Our beginnings

The idea of TRUE IMMERSION started during our family's semester traveling and homeschooling throughout Argentina. In the Northern Patagonia region, my children and husband decided to attend a Spanish class in a methodology that was new to me.  Immediately after completing their first ELE Methodology Spanish class, I overheard them conversing in Spanish, practicing all they had learned, and they couldn’t wait to return to class the next day!

I was filled with awe and excitement. With my many years of experience teaching and tutoring all ages and levels, I had never seen so much progress after only one class!

I knew I had to share this great teaching method. So, for the next two years, I extensively travelled and investigated this ELE teaching methodology. I scoped out the best locations and partnered with the best instructors, schools and locals.


Carol Gray
M.A. Spanish language and literature, Middlebury College

Our son had an amazing experience. He is normally not too communicative, but he has told us endless stories about Spain. He loved all the excursions and activities, he said the food was fabulous, and he really enjoyed being with this group of kids.
We are so thrilled he was able to travel with you. Please keep it up, so we can send our girls when they’re older!
— Suzanne, St. Christopher’s Mom