Our methodology

“Use Spanish to Learn It!”

Our language teaching methodology, called ELE methodology, is renowned across the globe for its profound efficacy.  It is a communicative approach, meaning it is discourse oriented, learner centered and experience based.

Classes are theme-based and structured with a specific final task in mind. Themes and tasks are customized based on the ages and interests of the participating students, therefore, class activities and topics are meaningful, relevant and of interest to the group.  Consequently, learners are fully engaged, participating in authentic situations and using language that is applicable in their personal lives.

The two driving goals of the methodology are for the student to gain confidence in oral communication and to improve their ability to produce language in real time. Therefore the teacher sees their role more as a guide, and never interrupts the flow of speech to make corrections.  Mistakes overheard are presented by the teacher to the group for self correction, further reinforcing the concepts discussed.

Students are actively engaged with all senses stimulated as they advance their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through debate, role-play, competition, and partner work in an effort to achieve the final task of each class.

The results we have seen are amazing, with many students claiming more learning in a couple of weeks than a whole year in a traditional classroom.

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