The Top Five Reasons Our Immersion Travel Stands Apart

  • The small, boutique experience, no middle men involved.
  • Sevilla is not just a random location for travel, it is the second home of TRUE IMMERSION founder Carol Gray.
  • The extensive experience of the TRUE IMMERSION staff in language, education, and even parenting.
  • The plethora of amazing experiences included in the TRUE IMMERSION itinerary, which are led by local experts, chosen for their outstanding quality and engagement; providing an integral part of teaching Spanish language and soaking up the culture.
  • The special attention given to designing each day to make the most of every minute of the immersive travel experience.

we pride ourselves in offering the very best:

  • Expert team 
  • Level of meaningful and effective Immersion
  • Personal touch and special attention to each traveler
  • Carefully constructed itineraries
  • Close relationships with host families
  • Level of supervision
  • Knowledge of Sevilla and southern Spain
  • Dedication to finding the most stimulating activities for our students' interests
  • Experts within the community to lead the activities
  • Methodology for language learning
My son learned so much Spanish without even realizing it through all the fun recreational activities. The kids communicated in Spanish because they wanted to, as they played soccer, scavenger hunts, and other activities. He is sailing through Spanish class now.
— Janet , Steward School Mom