This was the best trip of my life and I will never forget it!”
— Alexander, St. Christopher’s School

“My son’s experience was phenomenal. This program not only helped him with Spanish, it also gave him the opportunity to navigate a new city and culture, enabling him to grow in ways that would not have happened had he not taken this trip.”
— Joslin, St. Christopher's School parent

I loved having the opportunity to stay with my Spanish family, Emma, Alejandro and Julia; It allowed me to expand my cultural horizons and form lasting friendships with the whole family.
— Laura, St. Catherine’s Student
I learned more in 2 weeks than I do in a year at school
— Griffin, Richmond, VA
I loved how the activities we did in the afternoons immersed us even more into the Spanish culture and language, it had a huge impact on my speaking abilities.
— Austin, Episcopal High School Student

“We were so appreciative of and impressed by how well designed and effective True Immersion’s program is and we are thankful our son was able to have this wonderful experience”.
— Jim Cosby, St. Christopher’s School parent