Getting to and from Spain

·      To ensure a seamless travel experience, True Immersion partners with an independent travel agent who handles our group bookings.

·      Airfare is not included in the trip cost and it is the responsibility of each family to contact our travel agent to purchase their child’s ticket.

·      Travel agent information can be obtained by emailing

·      We prefer for students to travel as a group with a True Immersion Chaperone, departing from Washington, DC, with a direct flight to Madrid.

·      Travel between Madrid and Sevilla will be by private bus upon arrival and high-speed train upon departure, bus and train expenses are not included in the trip cost. **If travel plans should interrupt our bus/train schedule, causing an additional fee to be paid, parents will be responsible for reimbursing True Immersion for the fee (travel insurance which is included in your trip cost will cover this).

·      If participating in our 11 Day Immersion for Rising 6th-7th , we will travel one hour by car from Sevilla to The Sierra.

Travel Insurance

·      Travel Insurance is not included in the trip cost but is highly recommended. Our travel agent will be happy to provided insurance for you with our preferred insurance company.

·      True Immersion will not cover any additional expenses incurred due to unforeseen travel delays caused by airlines, railway companies, strikes, etc. Travel Insurance will cover these expenses for your child.

Dropping off or Picking up your child in Spain

·      Occasionally families plan their summer vacation around their child’s program in Spain. While we are happy to make accommodations to allow for this, plans must be made prior to the deadline to purchase plane tickets. Additionally, the drop off or pick up must be carefully coordinated with Carol Gray, True Immersion’s Director. 

·      If dropping off at the start of the program, we ask that you personally deliver your child to us at the program destination the day after our scheduled arrival.

·      If picking up at the end of the program, we ask that you arrive in Spain 48 or more hours before pick up day and arrive in Sevilla at least 24 hrs prior to pick up day. Pick up in Madrid may be possible, depending upon the circumstances.

Staying in Touch

·      Families will be given all contact information for Carol Gray who can be reached at any time by email, text or phone.

·      True Immersion chaperones will email all families upon arrival in Madrid and again upon arrival at the program destination.

·      Families can follow our daily blog posts and photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Students and Electronics

·      Students may have their phones or small electronic devices during overseas travel and in American airports.

·      In an effort to maximize the immersion experience, upon arrival at the program destination we will disconnect from home by collecting any device that can connect to the internet. 

·      Electronics will be returned fully charged the day of departure for use during the return overseas flight.

·      Your student may want to bring along a camera, travel alarm clock or watch with an alarm.

Host Family Accommodations

·      We do our very best to grant friend / roommate requests. 

·      Based on past experience we believe 4 students per homestay is the perfect formula as the notion of “security in numbers” seems to inspire them to feel less timid and take more risks when speaking Spanish with their host families.

·      If it is not possible to have exact groups of 4 we will assign groups of 2, 3 or 5 to each host family.

·      All host families are well known to True Immersion director Carol Gray, ensuring that they have met our rigorous standards of safety, warmth, caring and a genuine desire to share their home and culture with our students.

·      Each homestay group is given a local cell phone so that they can reach their True Immersion Chaperones at any time day or night.

Illness / Injuries

·      It is imperative that families inform Carol Gray of any medical concerns, limitations, allergies or physical restrictions prior to committing to the trip.

·      Your student’s welfare is our top priority; therefore it is highly important that we are aware of any health concerns or medication usage your student may have.

·      True Immersion chaperones have an extra bedroom in their apartment so that students who become sick have the option to stay with their chaperones until they are well again.

·      Each family will be required to fill out our Medical Waiver and give their consent allowing True Immersion Representatives to acquire any medical attention needed during the program.

·      Minor illnesses and injuries will most likely be reported to parents upon return to the USA, not during the program.

·      Parents will be contacted if their student requires prescription medication or serious medical attention.

·      Families will be responsible for reimbursing True Immersion for any medical costs.


·      True Immersion programs are heavily chaperoned as our main concern is your student’s safety and welfare.

·      During the 17-Day Immersion in Sevilla, beginning on Day 6, students are permitted to walk to school with their homestay group in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon.  All host families live less than 25 minutes from school.  Otherwise, students are under adult supervision at all times.

·      During the 11-Day Immersion for Rising 6th-7th graders, students are under adult supervision at all times.

·      During airport layovers or delays students are permitted to visit the shops and food vendors within our gate premises for short intervals if using the buddy system.

Class Placement

·      Students participating in the 17-Day Immersion in Sevilla are given a placement test on the first morning of classes and are placed according to their test results.  Our partner school is expert at this and consistently places students accurately.

·      Typically each student has 1 - 3 friends from our group in their class.

·      If a student feels they are not in the appropriate level they must alert their teacher and chaperones and then discuss their reasons with the Director of Curriculum who will determine the best course of action.

·      Students participating in the 11-Day Immersion in The Sierra and Sevilla will have private instruction for their group exclusively while taking classes at our partner school in Sevilla.  Due to the communicative and interactive nature of our unique methodology, the needs of all students are met, despite any slight discrepancy in level.

Consistent Student Remarks regarding classes

·      I learned more in one morning of classes in Sevilla than I do in a week or more at school.

·      The teachers are so happy and fun, they’re very encouraging.

·      Classes are so much fun because they’re active - we’re always talking and moving and playing games.

·      We learn things that you’d actually use in your daily lives.

·      Spanish words are coming into my mind before English words!

·      Why can’t it be taught like this at home?

Packing List

·      The Packing List you receive is a suggested list.

·      Although luggage is checked with the airline, we ask that all students limit themselves to one carry-on size suitcase (preferably rolling) and one backpack. 

·      Keep in mind it is very hot in Sevilla in the summer.

·      Laundry will be done each week.

·      Keep in mind clothes dryers are basically non-existent, therefore we suggest items that dry quickly as laundry turn-around-time can be slow.

·      For girls we recommend packing more sundresses than shorts and tops because sundresses take up very little suitcase space and they are cool and comfortable.  However, if your daughter prefers shorts and shirts, this is ok provided everything fits in a carry-on size suitcase.

Spending Money

·      True Immersion Programs are all-inclusive. However, if your child wishes to purchase extra snacks, candy, drinks in the airport, during afternoon activity time or at the café at school they will need to purchase these items with their own money.

·      Your student will also need spending money if interested in Souvenir / Gift Shopping for family and friends.

·      We recommend $250 on a personal debit card or AAA Travel Money Card.

Program Rules

·      Families will receive a form regarding Program Rules and Expectations that must be agreed to and signed by the student and parent.

·      If a student were to purchase or consume alcohol or illegal drugs they will be immediately sent home at the parents’ expense.

·      Additionally, leaving the group, school, homestay or weekend hotel without permission may result in being immediately sent home.

Reporting Concerns

·      Your True Immersion Chaperones are dedicated to ensuring every student’s well being during our time together.  We are vigilant in regards to assessing group dynamics and individual concerns and will address all needs that come to our attention.

·      We encourage all students to not hesitate to report any concerns or problems to their chaperones – everyone’s comfort and happiness are our utmost concerns!