Carol's Top 10 Favorite Things about Sevilla

True Immersion student travel is based out of Sevilla, Spain.  With all of the Spanish speaking destinations available, you may wonder why Sevilla is our chosen destination.  Check out these 10 reasons why we found this part of Spain to be the perfect location to host language and cultural immersion travel.

  1. The people – warm, welcoming, instant friends, sociable, great conversationalists, eager to share their culture, language, customs.
  2. The at home, residential feel of the city – visitors are surrounded by Sevillanos: families out strolling, businessmen carrying out deals in outdoor cafés, grandparents strolling babies, elderly women walking arm in arm, and school children headed home.
  3. Sevilla after dark – the soft golden lighting that illuminates every plaza turns daytime beauty into stunning nighttime elegance.
  4. The tranquility - Words can't describe the peace of a morning stroll from Triana crossing the aquamarine colored waters of the Guadalquivir to the Historic Center.
  5. The community feel - Late afternoons in the plazas where mothers come together to chat while their children run and play make even a foreigner feel at home.
  6. The architecture - The iconic Spanish charm of the patios, hidden plazas and mazelike streets of the old Jewish quarter are world renowned.
  7. The historic cathedrals - The majesty of the cathedral and its surrounding plazas: Plaza Virgen de los Reyes and Plaza del Triunfo is unparalleled.
  8. The diverse cultural influences - The 1,001 Arabian Nights feel of the Alcázar reminds of the colorful history of the area.
  9. The art - The colorful dwellings and plethora of centuries old artisan workshops of the old gypsy quarter tell stories of old and new.
  10. The personality - Cobblestone streets lined with orange trees, enjoyed over centuries of use, lay as a signature pillar of the area.  The trademark of Sevilla.

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