Host Family: Macarena and Tato

Meet our remarkable host family: Macarena and Tato.

Macarena and Tato live in the Historic Center on the top 2 floors of a building which houses Macarena’s Veterinary Clinic and Tato’s painting studio on the first floor.

They have 3 small dogs and 3 lovely children, Tatiana and twins Guillermo and Jaime. The twins can be relied upon to be waiting for their “American siblings”, ready with a hand shake, each day when they arrive home for lunch. Tato and the children spend many weekends participating in competitive sailing and Macarena loves to cook in her spare time.

Macarena and Tato are just one of the fabulous, hand-picked host families that True Immersion works with to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of our travelers.