Why Carol chose the True Immersion partner school:

My top criteria when searching for the perfect language learning school for True Immersion were:

  • Expert in ELE instruction
  • International student body, light on Americans to reinforce Spanish as the common language.
  • Located in a small, safe city with vast cultural resources

Our partner school is not only expert in ELE instruction, but they are also renowned as leaders in ELE Teacher Training. Upon entering the pretty, light-filled interior patio of the school the energy and enthusiasm instilled in the students by the instructors and administrators is palpable and pervasive. Students come from all over the globe, providing a wonderful international mix in which the shared, common language is Spanish. The school’s dedication to the highest standards of instruction and their endeavors to stay on the cutting edge of new advances in communicative approaches for second language acquisition coincide perfectly with the high standards and goals of True Immersion.