Learn Spanish by Experiencing the Treasures of Spain: 9 UNESCO Sites we visit

True Immersion prides itself on offering programs that live up to our name...truly immersive experiences in which active participation reigns...

Of course, basing our program in Spain helps facilitate such immersive, experiential learning opportunities as the country boasts 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, coming in third to China and then Italy.  

Every summer our students explore and experience firsthand 9 of these amazing sites which date from the 7th to the 16th centuries.  With all senses engaged we weave through the hundreds of awe-inspiring, striped columns of the Mezquita in Córdoba; we imagine the 1,001 Arabian Nights lifestyle of the Moors who constructed the sumptuous Alcázar of Sevilla, we climb the centuries-old minaret / bell tower, la Giralda, which provides a birds-eye view of the city and river that were once bustling with trade brought from The New World; we meander through the exotic rooms and fountain-filled patios of the Alhambra Palace in Granada remembering its glorious past and eventual fall to the "Catholic Monarchs".

There is no better way to learn the history of a place or to soak in its cultural roots; this is true immersion...!! Living, seeing, touching, observing a culture; its past, its present, its prospective future; all experienced in authentic situations and in real-time language production.