Packing Tips for Summer Study Abroad!!

Packing for a trip can be difficult, especially when you are gone for so long!

There are a few packing suggestions under our FAQ page, but we’ve decided to put together a list of helpful tips & tricks to keep in mind when packing for an international trip (students attending our Spain trip read closely)!

Here are three important items to add to the checklist!

1. Bring a Converter

European plugs and sockets are different than American in shape and size. If your student intends to use their electronic devices in the airport or has hair appliances such as a straightener or curling iron, you may want to invest in an electronic converter. These devices can be found at most stores that house an electronics department such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc. Pay close attention to the wattage when purchasing!

2. Small Back-Pack or Purse

During our time spent traveling or taking field-trips your students may have some materials they would like to carry with them such as a wallet, digital camera, and any souvenirs they pick up along the way. To make the transportation of these items easier we suggest a small bag that students can easily carry. In an effort to remain extremely cautious we recommend that these bags contain some sort of zip enclosure. Though students will be under constant supervision, pick pocketing is a concern within larger urban areas. To ensure the student and their possessions remain safe, we advise students to not carry bags with an easily accessible compartment.

3. A Small Amount of Foreign Currency

How you want your student to pay for any additional snacks or souvenir purchases is your decision however, we feel as though the most authentic experience is when students are able to use and exchange the country’s currency. Most places do accept credit cards with chips, but we also recommend purchasing a small amount of Euros for your student. Remind your student to never travel with all of their money at one time!